about Expendafarms

Founded in Santa Cruz, CA by the American reggae-rock juggernauts The Expendables, ExpendaFarms is a premium cannabis brand that is focused on growing and distributing 100% organic cannabis products. ExpendaFarms has partnered with distribution and packaging specialists Loudpack and is poised to distribute fully licensed high-quality cannabis throughout California.

Our Founders:

Known for their high energy live shows, and hit song “Bowl For Two”, The Expendables have been a staple name in the reggae-rock genre worldwide for well over two decades. As an international touring act, their cannabis-friendly songs have long been considered anthems within the cannabis community and culture. With the establishment of ExpendaFarms, The Expendables are now in a position to curate the best cannabis products all to satisfy what they know their fans will love. 

Our products

Our farms are located in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA. An area world-renown for growing some of the best cannabis on the planet. As a premium cannabis farm distributor, our team is dedicated to distributing top-shelf products that are 100% organic (0.0PPB) and reflect our knowledge as long-time connoisseurs and enthusiasts of the cannabis plant.

About Expendaberrry:

Our signature strain “Expendaberry”, is a fruity, purple-tinged hybrid consisting of the legendary “GranDaddy Purps” and an exclusive ExpendaFarms "Santa Cruz OG". The euphoric blend is 80% Indica and 20% Sativa testing between 19-24% THC making it a great choice for recreational use and medicinal purposes. Expendaberry is truly a “frosty purple nug”!


Expendaberry Launch & Meet and Greets

Expendaberry will debut in Watsonville, CA at Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals dispensary on September 14th, 2019 at 10am-12pm. The debut will feature a meet and greet with our founders The Expendables, giving fans a direct chance to talk to the artists and the founders of our company. 

Locations and dates:

September 14th, 2019 - Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals - Watsonville, CA

September 21st, 2019 - Airfield Supply Co. - San Jose, CA

Expendaberry and Expendafarm products will be in your local dispensary soon, please subscribe to our email list below to get notified when it’s available near you. #frostypurplenugs